Family-Friendly Web Sites

The Franklin Institute Science Museum
This site offers online exhibits on an array of science and technology topics.

NASA’s Quest Project
Watch Live from Mars, audio and video transmissions of the Pathfinder’s explorations, at this site.
Climb Mt. Everest, explore inside the Pyramids, and go on other electronic field trips with the Public Broadcasting System. Preschool children can enjoy children’s programming here, elementary school children can practice story telling, and teenagers and adults can take telecourses.

The Jason Project
Join an interactive exploration of the oceans, on earth and beyond.

The Exploratorium
Puzzle over optical illusions, take memory tests, and conduct experiments, online and off, at the Exploratorium .

Library of Congress
Enjoy materials from the Library of Congress , including exhibits on topics ranging from ballet to Jelly Roll Morton, Native American flutes to Thomas Jefferson’s pasta machine.

Parents and Children Together Online
Read stories with your children, let them add to the stories told around the Global Campfire, and find links to other good family sites at Parents and Children Together Online.

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