Alaska ICE has published a wide variety of books to provide Alaskans with information and inspiration to help them become more involved in the lives of young people. To purchase any of these materials, visit our store page.

Aanka Xóodzi ka Aasgutu Xóodzi Shkalneegi
(The Story of the Town Bear and the Forest Bear)

Written by Ernestine Hayes, illustrated by Wanda Culp, translated by Ethel Makinen and Roby Littlefield, and published in Tlingit for children and adults alike, Aanka Xóodzi ka Aasgutu Xóodzi Shkalneegi tells a timeless tale of the dangers of giving up something we love for the promise of an easy life.

(Book, audio CD, and Study Guide available)

Another Culture/Another World

Exploring the great diversity of Alaska’s cultural mosaic through the re-examination of historical events, amusing anecdotes and his analysis of representative Alaska Native legends, Father Michael Oleksa invites us to join in his journey to illustrate the importance of cross-cultural education and the intrinsic value of every culture.

Strong Man (comic book)

Writer Ishmael Hope and Illustrator Dimi Macheras have combined their talents to create this unique presentation of a traditional Alaska Native story. A contemporary plotline is interwoven with the ancient narrative, chronicling a young man’s high school struggles and triumphs in comic book form. Strong Man promotes traditional cultural values as a foundation for youth achievement.

Helping Kids Succeed – Alaskan Style

The original – our most popular publication. Learn about Asset Building and how to facilitate community engagement in homes, schools and communities. Over 130,000 in circulation across Alaska and around the world!

Helping Little Kids Succeed – Alaskan Style

This companion volume to Helping Kids Succeed covers asset building for young children, 0-6 years old.  Helping LITTLE Kids Succeed – Alaskan Style is a great way to introduce people to assets and can also be used to build on a community’s existing knowledge of assets, inspiring them to see new possibilities for its use with young children.

Traditional Values of Alaska poster

This educational poster depicts the traditional values of Native people from Alaska’s various geographic regions, including Alutiiq, Athabascan, Cup’ik, Inupiaq, Southeast (Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian), Unangan and Yup’ik cultures. It is being distributed as an educational resource to schools and organizations statewide.

Activities to Connect Generations

Drawing upon the many popular activities used in Alaska ICE presentations and workshops, this book is designed to bring youth and adults together in meaningful ways, while building skills in leadership, trust, teamwork, and asset building. Please contact us  (alaskaice©aasb•org)   for a copy, or visit our Activities page to download some of the activities from the book.

Alaskan Homilies to Help Kids Succeed

This book was born in a faith community in Anchorage, yet was written for use by faith communities of all kinds. The format was selected to enable each asset to be described in a homily, or brief sermon, including a page of ideas that individuals and groups can use to build assets in their faith community.

The Power of an Untapped Resource

This booklet focuses on the dynamic influence and depth youth can provide on school and other boards and offers direction and guidance to board members for giving youth the opportunity to serve. Updated edition.

Helping Kids Succeed – Anchorage School District Style

After 10 years of applying the asset building message in the district, Anchorage School District’s Safe and Drug-Free Schools staff have firmly embedded the developmental assets framework into the vocabulary of the district. Gain insight into school-based efforts that have been instrumental in advancing student success districtwide.

Helping Kids Succeed poster

This poster lists the 40 assets, summarizes assets research, and depicts Alaskan families engaged in asset building activities.

We Will Rise – music CD

We Will Rise is a 14 track collection of John McCutcheon songs celebrating healthy families, youth advocacy and the wonders of childhood.

Mrs. Coleman’s 2nd grade class sings the title track “We Will RIse” from the John McCutcheon, Alaska ICE produced cd. (on YouTube)

Other Resources

Publications and Newsletters

Alaska ICE News: an insert into AASB’s Commentary, a monthly hardcopy newsletter mailed to our members.

Kids These Days: an electronic newsletter that provides news and information related to parents, families, youth and teens from our statewide partner organizations and youth advocates.

Web Links – This is a repository of various local, regional, state and national partners, initiatives and organizations whose missions complement our own.  Here you will find information related to education, community engagement, early childhood learning, youth development and more.

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