Made up of local school boards and districts, media partners, Native organizations, educators, faith communities, schools, youth and youth-serving organizations, engaged citizens and communities, these collaborations collectively constitute a statewide web of support for children and youth, with a common goal of working to prepare Alaska’s youth for the future.

AlaskaSchoolDistrictMap-500School District Partnerships

AASB, through Alaska ICE, works with school districts across the state on engaging local organizations, businesses, families, and adults in their schools to support student achievement.

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Juneau Alaska Music Matters

JAMM is an El Sistema-inspired music program at Glacier Valley Elementary School that offers Juneau’s youth early access to instrumental instruction through school and community partnerships.  Alaska ICE has supported the program from the beginning.

More information on JAMM.

Spirit of Youth

Engaging and Celebrating Alaska’s Amazing Young People

Spirit of Youth (SOY), an Alaska ICE partner since 2003, is dedicated to creating, promoting and recognizing youth involvement in communities across Alaska. When young people are actively engaged in challenging, enriching activities they are less likely to be involved in risk behaviors, and when adults recognize their positive contributions, it creates a healthier environment for their positive development. Alaska ICE partners with SOY to highlight these teens‘ achievements and expand its positive media campaign to communities throughout Alaska.

AASB/Alaska ICE also partners with SOY to recognize Youth Friendly Businesses that respect youth customers, hire and prepare youth for future careers, support school success, and support youth community activities. The Teen Action Council for Spirit of Youth reviews all applications to determine which businesses meet the criteria.

Alaska Teen Media Institute

Giving Youth a Voice in Alaska’s Media

In 2003 Alaska ICE supported Spirit of Youth’s launching of the Alaska Teen Media Institute (ATMI) to offer students mentorship in radio, print, video and web journalism. ATMI teens learn and practice the skills of researching, interviewing, editing, and production of news stories. Numerous organizations (Alaska Geographic, Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, Alaska Mobility Coalition and the Forest Service, to name a few) have contracted with ATMI to produce audio/video projects, public service announcements, and to conduct workshops for teens and adults. ATMI has received numerous journalism awards and has given voice to Anchorage and Alaska teens for over 10 years!

DHSS/Division of Behavioral Health

Providing Supports and Opportunities for Alaska’s Young People

The Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), Division of Behavioral Health has partnered with AASB for over 10 years to promote and support healthy, thriving communities and youth, beginning with the development of the state plan for adolescent health and in 1998 the creation of the book Helping Kids Succeed – Alaskan Style. Training and assistance are provided to state and community coalitions, youth groups, businesses, media and health and social service organizations statewide. DHSS has increasingly adopted strengths-based approaches to behavioral health issues, including adopting student connectedness to school and social emotional learning (SEL) as recognized prevention indicators for substance use prevention in Alaska, and supporting implementation of SEL in schools through prevention grants.


Kids These Days Radio

Talking about raising Alaska’s future today!

KIDS THESE DAYS! is an independently-funded, award-winning radio program that airs throughout Alaska on our flagship station KSKA and on many other public radio stations. Each week on KTD! we examine a new topic of interest to families raising children in Alaska. We invite guests from from all over Alaska and the United States who have something important to contribute to the week’s topic – whether we’re talking about safe internet browsing, camping with babies, domestic violence, music lessons, finding the right school or celebrating family relationships. Our goal is to educate, entertain and to learn more about our community in order to bring you relevant, content-rich programming.

The show was conceived by Host Shana Sheehy and Producer Sarah Gonzales, a resurrection of a previous 6-program pilot that aired in 2006 as a means to report on and celebrate the child and family beat in our vast, interesting and beautiful state. Assistant Producer Jessica Cochran has been an essential part of the team since the beginning, as well.

Alaska Arts Education Consortium

The Alaska Arts Education Consortium (AAEC) is a non-profit partnership of Alaskan school districts, the Alaska State Council on the Arts, Association of Alaska School Boards, Carnegie Hall, Alaska Department of Education and Early Development and the University of Alaska.

The AAEC holds as its committed mission a spririted advocacy for expanded and enriched arts education for all Alaskan students. A core belief of the AAEC is that higher academic achievement will occur in and through the arts. The AAEC is committed to preparing and supporting educators so that they can teach the arts in and across the curriculum.

Anchorage School District

Promoting Asset-based Youth Development in Schools and Community

The Anchorage School District (ASD) has partnered with AASB in for more than a decade. ASD adopted the assets framework in 1997, and community organizations have followed suit, adopting assets as a common approach to positive youth development. ASD adopted social emotional learning (SEL) standards in 2006, is viewed as a national leader in SEL, and is one of three districts recently selected for a national initiative integrating SEL into the classroom. Community youth-serving organizations are aligning their work with ASD’s SEL standards.

United Way / AYDC

Alaska ICE’s partnership with United Way of Anchorage and the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition (AYDC) embedded an assets educator in Anchorage to provide training and technical assistance to over 200 community groups, organizations, businesses, media and parents. United Way of Anchorage and the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition have spearheaded the development of a community-wide plan, Anchorage United for Youth, to improve the environment for Anchorage’s young people.

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