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Families, Schools, and Communities

Forming collaborative partnerships with families, schools, and communities who share our commitment to supporting young people’s success in school and in life is at the heart of what we do.

The key to reaching out to all rural and urban communities throughout Alaska, and pursuing a statewide movement toward engaging communities in a culture of “helping kids succeed,” is collaboration. Our mission and vision are driven in no small part by the engaged, local organizations, groups, and citizens that share our passion and goals of helping kids succeed in school and in life. Through a range of broad, well-organized events and workshops, to the sharing of the little things that adults can do everyday, Alaska ICE and our partners contribute to supporting children and youth by building communities around youth success.

Collaborating with local, regional, and statewide entities that share our vision of fostering a shared responsibility for supporting our children and youth, adopting a strength-based approach, and embedding the assets framework and community engagement into schools and communities have effectively broadened our outreach, improving the environment for the children and youth of our state.

Made up of local school boards and districts, media partners, Native organizations, educators, faith communities, schools, youth and youth-serving organizations, engaged citizens and communities, these collaborations collectively constitute a statewide web of support for children and youth, with a common goal of working to prepare Alaska’s youth for the future.

It is these, and other, lasting partnerships and collaborative relationships that will provide sustainable efforts for the communities and youth of Alaska for years to come. View our statewide partners page.

Our network of caring organizations, groups, and peers is illustrated in the graphic below.

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