Families play a critical role in student success.  Research is clear that quality family and community engagement in student learning is critically important to achieving the goal of preparing every student to graduate high school ready for college and career.

Research suggests that family engagement promotes multiple benefits for students, including improved readiness for school, increased achievement, superior social skills and behavior, and increased likelihood of high school graduation.

As noted by the Harvard Family Research Project:

From the time children are born, parents influence their cognitive, social, and emotional development. Parents’ interactions and activities help shape children’s readiness for school, and consistent engagement during children’s elementary years is also related to positive academic and behavioral outcomes. Family engagement remains important in adolescence and predicts healthy youth behaviors and higher rates of college enrollment.


Early Childhood Education

A strong and nurturing relationship between children and adults is the most basic ingredient for growing up healthy. Supporting the whole child – physically, socially, and emotionally – provides a baseline for positive experiences from which the child can learn, grow, and thrive.

These experiences shape a child’s life and create a strong, foundational web of support that positively contributes to their future. Early childhood experiences also relate directly to school readiness and academic success.

Family Digital Resource Center

We believe that the materials, articles, and web links you find here will provide a starting point of valuable information gathering for the entire family.

These resources are aimed at information sharing and guidance for parents, children and teens, and cover topics related to education, digital technology, safe and responsible Internet use, and student achievement.

Web Links

A repository of various local, regional, state and national partners, initiatives and organizations whose missions complement our own. Here you will find information related to education, community engagement, early childhood learning, youth development and more.

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