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Alaska ICE actively partners with schools and communities, building positive youth-adult relationships and healthier school and community climates to help kids achieve academic and social success.

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Become an AmeriCorps Member with RurAL CAP

Rural Cap is now recruiting 35 AmeriCorps Members. Full-time, one-year positions start in January, 2015.
Application deadline extended to 12/12/2014.

Get an application online at

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Nominate youth for a Spirit of Youth award


The 2014 Spirit of Youth Teen Advisory Council and Award Recipients

Each year, Spirit of Youth recognizes roughly 150 youth from 50 or more communities by soliciting nominations from caring community members and partnering with school boards to conduct local recognition events. These youth receive accolades for accomplishments that no other group applauds, including cultural pursuits, science and environmental activities, the arts, and service to the community.

Nominate youth here.
See current nominees here.
Listen to their radio stories here.

New funding competition open to Tribal and local governments

OperationAmeriCorps-vertThe Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has announced Operation AmeriCorps, a new program with two funding priorities from which to choose. Applicants may choose to apply to either of the priorities.

The first priority focuses on specific post-secondary outcomes for students. The second priority allows localities to identify their most pressing challenge. In each case, the most important element is choosing a project that will be a game-changer for the local community and ensuring that there are clear outcomes to measure success.

For more information, follow this link.

Grade-School Bullying Takes a Toll on the Adolescent Brain, Study Finds

The marks of childhood bullying don’t fade; they imprint themselves on a student’s brain, according to new research presented at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting here this morning. “Before [social media], your bullies at school stayed at school,” said Alina Arakelian, a pediatrics research assistant at Children’s Hospital and a co-author of the study,. “Now, through social media, they follow you everywhere,” which can boost the severity and effects of peer harassment.

Read the full story here. (

Stand Speak Soar logoAASB’s 61st Annual Conference
Nov. 6-9, 2014
@ the Anchorage Hilton Hotel

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STEM education now for all Alaska students – Our real future

Science! Technology! Engineering! Mathematics! Some people want to look the other way with just the thought of the complexity of these subjects. Others jump into them headfirst. Both groups, as well as those in the middle of this spectrum, benefit from advances in these fields. Recent employment studies demonstrate that STEM careers in Alaska will outpace all other careers for the foreseeable future.

Read Mike Fenster’s article here. (Alaska Dispatch – Oct. 16)

34 Celebrations Statewide Aim to Raise Awareness About the Importance of Afterschool Programs in Alaska

actLogoThe Alaska Afterschool Network will sponsor a Lights On Afterschool celebration October 23, 2014 (1:30-2:00pm). The celebration will be one of more than 34 celebrations across Alaska – joining 8,000 such events around the nation.

Nearly 25,000 kids in Alaska participate in afterschool programs, unfortunately another 39,000 kids would participate in an afterschool program if one were available to them. Afterschool programs provide kids with safe places to develop skills needed to compete in today’s workforce. (More on The Alaska Afterschool Network)

Funding Alert: Youth Development and Culture Camp Grants

73Open to All Rural Alaska Communities: This program provides grant funding to community-based organizations to engage Alaska Native youth ages 12-17 in:

• Youth leadership development, or
• Culture camps or cultural identity projects.

Federally recognized tribal organizations or 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations in rural Alaskan communities are eligible to apply. Deadline: Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Project Timeline: November 18, 2014 – April 30, 2015. More info here. (RurAL CAP)

Family Meals May Mean a Healthier Weight

120718Hot_Lunch tyTeenagers who eat dinner with the family two or three times a week may reduce their risk for obesity in young adulthood.

Read the full article here.

How Exercise Can Boost Young Brains

Encourage young boys and girls to run, jump, squeal, hop and chase after each other or after erratically kicked balls, and you substantially improve their ability to think, according to the most ambitious study ever conducted of physical activity and cognitive performance in children. The results underscore, yet again, the importance of physical activity for children’s brain health and development, especially in terms of the particular thinking skills that most affect academic performance. (Continue reading …)

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