Evaluating Our Success

Measuring Change in Communities, Organizations and Schools

In 2001, the Association of Alaska School Boards received funding through the No Child Left Behind Act’s Alaska Native Education Program to provide technical assistance and support to communities across Alaska to engage adults in creating positive changes to promote the academic progress and overall wellbeing of their young people. The result was the Alaska Initiative for Community Engagement (Alaska ICE).

A national research firm (The American Institutes for Research – AIR) completed a longitudinal evaluation of the effectiveness of Alaska ICE to determine whether:

• the environment for youth has changed in schools and communities supported by Alaska ICE
• adult support for youth has changed
• youth outcomes have improved in the areas of academic engagement and achievement, social and emotional learning, and risk behaviors

The purpose of the report is to provide an independent evaluation of what Alaska ICE has and has not achieved through its efforts, and to identify best practices that have emerged from this work.

Evaluators found that communities, schools and organizations supported by Alaska ICE:

  • showed particularly positive results for Alaska Native students:

• substantial increases in academic achievement on statewide assessments
• higher expectations, more respectful climate, and improved peer climate at school
• reduced risk behaviors at school

  • showed substantial improvements in adult-youth relationships and adult involvement with youth
  • adopted strength-based, asset-building policies and practices that supported youth
  • developed sustainable community and organizational networks and coalitions as successful vehicles for change
  • significantly reduced youth risk behaviors

Overall, the AIR evaluation found evidence of significant positive change in all three areas examined:

  • More positive environments for youth in schools and communities
  • Increased levels of adult support for and involvement with youth
  • Improved youth outcomes, especially for Alaska Native students

Click on the graphic above to read the report, or download a pdf here.

For the complete AIR Summative Report, click here.

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