Community Engagement Presentations

Alaska ICE is known for inspiring “hands-on” workshops that introduce the Assets Framework and build on the strengths of a community. Community Engagement presentations are designed to create connections and build support networks between youth and adults in fun and meaningful ways. They can be done in villages, with program staff, in schools – anywhere there are people concerned about kids.

TOPs (Training of Promoters)

An intensive two-day seminar enables participants to learn, personalize, and implement the principles and practices of Alaska ICE through experiential activities, storytelling, and metaphor. Participants practice promoting and sharing the Assets Framework and create strategies to generate awareness, promote opportunities for action, and sustain Asset Building initiatives.

Assets Coaching

Alaska ICE provides one-on-one assistance to “Assets Champions” around the state who in turn deliver the assets message to a large, diverse body of youth and community members.

Community Action Planning

An action planning workshop that answers the question “What’s next?” and helps groups incorporate Asset Building into the fabric of their communities. The workshop creates an atmosphere favorable for participants to feel ownership of the plan they create. Alaska ICE staff are trained in Technology of Participation techniques and stand ready to offer this useful tool to communities.

School In-Services

The Alaska ICE team provides schools with basic and advanced tools for developing assets and building connections between schools and communities, kids and adults. Using a strength-based approach, Alaska ICE can help schools explore how to develop a more caring school climate, connect better with kids, promote community participation, and increase student achievement.

Faith Community Asset Training

Alaska ICE provides the assets message to faith communities interested in the healthy development of young people. These experiential sessions focus on building and sustaining the healthy relationships between youth and adults as well as encouraging each faith community to use the Asset Framework to fit their unique set of spiritual beliefs. In addition, our staff provides seminars for youth and adults on communication, peace and acceptance, and Youth Spiritual Quests.

Youth Leadership Conferences

Alaska ICE engages directly with youth to enhance the skills of community engagement and leadership development. From AASB’s Youth Leadership Institute, held during the annual conference, to the Legislative Fly-Ins that prepare student leaders through direct engagement with state leaders, to the facilitation of youth leadership workshops for school districts and youth-serving organizations, Alaska ICE challenges youth to build community through direct engagement.

For more information on our services, please contact Kristen Plosay at aasb©aasb•org.

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