Alaska ICE: An AASB Initiative

Alaska ICE is the Alaska Initiative for Community Engagement. We are a part of the Association of Alaska School Boards (AASB), whose mission is to advocate for children and youth by assisting school boards in providing quality public education focused on student achievement, through effective local governance.

Funding for Alaska ICE comes from the No Child Left Behind Act’s Alaska Native Education Program, and goes toward providing technical assistance and support to communities across Alaska to engage adults in promoting the academic progress and overall well-being of young people.

As the Youth Advocacy/Community Engagement branch of AASB, Alaska ICE complements the AASB mission by giving Alaskans at the local level the information, tools and assistance to work together and engage in the shared responsibility for preparing Alaska’s children and youth for the future. This initiative was built upon the grassroots support for the book Helping Kids Succeed — Alaskan Style, written by and for Alaskans and based on the Search Institute’s Youth Developmental Assets Framework.

Across the state, the Alaska ICE team delivers the message of Asset Building and Community Engagement to thousands of Alaskan teachers, students, school board members, parents, community members, coaches, faith community leaders and elders. Working closely with individuals and communities, ICE staff assist in developing sustainable local community engagement efforts guided and maintained by local community members.

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2011 ICE Progress Report

For an overview of our guiding principles, statewide initiatives, collaborative partnerships, resources and program evaluation results check out the 2011 Alaska ICE Progress Report.

Creating positive environments to help all kids succeed

A decade of Alaska ICE actively partnering with schools and collaborating with communities to help kids succeed is producing positive results. What began as a small group of dedicated individuals with a big idea has steadily grown into a broad-based statewide initiative with many partners working to build a strong web of support for Alaska’s young people. With our ongoing support, numerous organizations
across Alaska are transitioning to a positive, strength-based approach to youth development.

Clear evidence of this transformation is steadily mounting:

• More positive environments for youth in schools and communities,
• Increased levels of adult support for and involvement with youth,
• Improved youth outcomes in academic engagement and achievement, social and emotional learning, and risk behaviors, especially for Alaska Native students.

Districts and communities with strong commitments and active engagement over time showed the most positive results. AASB remains committed to building upon these encouraging trends by continuing to assist Alaskans in creating healthy and resilient communities that support kids. Yet as we celebrate success, we must continually challenge ourselves to do better.

Not every child is ready for school when they begin kindergarten, and we know that most children who start out unprepared will likely lag behind their peers all through school. As we work toward improving outcomes for youth, we will pay special attention to increasing support to families in preparing their children to be successful in school, and strengthening our partnerships with the early childhood community.

Sustainable community change takes time, but it is possible when people and organizations make a commitment to work together to create healthy, supportive environments for children. Everyone shares in the responsibility of helping all our young people succeed, and there are endless opportunities to participate within families, neighborhoods, schools, youth organizations, faith communities, businesses…wherever adults interact with children and youth.

We look forward to working with our colleagues, partners, and fellow Alaskans to help give every child the support they need to grow into healthy, happy and successful adults.

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